Hue Society is an organization committed to the education and inclusion of women and people of color in the wine industry.

Our vision is to create a space that inspires the community, promotes minority brands and builds meaningful connections.

The mission of Hue Society is to diversify wine culture. 

Our goal is to enhance and empower the community through curated wine training, events and tastings. We accomplish this by using art, music, fashion and culinary experiences.  

Hue Society is passionate about engaging with the community and pushing the culture forward. We emphasize the contributions that women and people of color have made in the wine industry and hope to encourage new leadership.

Who’s Tahiirah Habibi?

Tahiirah Habibi is a dreamer and a creator. She was born and raised in Philly but she developed her love for wine in college. After graduating from Penn State, she attended the Philadelphia School of Wine and as  she learned more about wine and the culture of wine, she noticed the lack of diversity in the industry. This began the fire inside of her to become a disruptor and innovator in the wine industry.
She moved to Miami and began operating and managing some of the best wine programs in the city, which included J&G Grill in the St. Regis Bal Barbour and the infamous Michael’s Genuine. She also created private cellars and managed events for local, national and international clients such as pairings for the Haitian Food and Wine Fair. In addition, she was a wine expert at the Uptown Magazine Lexus event.
In addition to the amazing experiences and connections made, she also received various awards and features. This North Philadelphia businesswoman and sommelier was also featured in Ocean Drive Magazine as one of the top five female sommeliers in South Florida, along with being featured in several other publications.

Now, she is excited to be the founder of Hue Society, a organization committed to the inclusion and education of women and people of color in the wine industry. Her love for teaching and her passion for the culture has led her to curate events focused on enhancing and empowering the community through music, art and culinary experiences. Hue Society will make an indelible impact in the wine industry.